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Introducing… Afenginn

Mystical Norse classical symphonies

Afenginn, the moniker for composer and performer Kim Rafael Nyberg, hails from Denmark and is embarking on his seventh album. He uses the language Faroese which is used in parts of Denmark and the Faroe Islands in his music and that shines through in his new album ‘Klingra’.

‘Klingra’ means circle in Faroese and Agenginn has gone to great lengths to showcase the melodic meaning of this his new single ‘Ivin’ – Faroese for ‘The Doubt’. It features two drummers, two pianists, a string quartet, steel pedal guitar and synth bass. All the instruments feel like they are taking steps forward and back and there is a beautiful river of uncertainty that seeps through every note. It’s not often I immediately have something click with me in the first few seconds but Afenginn had me from the first note.

The single is out now, with the album ‘Klingra’ coming out on the 11th of November. You can enjoy the single below whilst I get excited over six albums of back catalogue to discover!

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