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Fever Ray – Live At Troxy Review

Party time for the sexual awakening

The difference between the two albums Fever Ray has put out is night and day stylistically. Whilst they are both definitely electronic, one is subtle and spooky, the latter is aggressive and boldly defiant. I approached Fever Ray’s ‘Live At Troxy’ with pure intrigue to see how these two different sounds merge together in a live setting. I’m glad to say – they merge excellently.

Fever Ray
Fever Ray

‘Live At Troxy’ plays nearly all of the album ‘Plunge’ with six tracks taken from her self titled debut. All the tracks from Fever Ray are transformed into more aggressive dance versions and have a familiar but different feel. For instance ‘I’m Not Done’ has a huge dance beat and tons of bongos and tuned percussion. It channels the energy from dark angst to a euphoric almost superhero anthem. ‘Concrete Walls’ has a jungle outro that works an absolute treat. ‘Triangle Walks’ is like Bjork goes Carribean (and reminds me very much of her track Natures Ancient). Even ‘When I Grow Up’ is sped up to feel more rhythmic in a shamanistic way rather than a slinky one. The bass of the drums really works to Fever Ray’s advantage and the extended sections are a joy to listen to. Only ‘If I Had a Heart’ remains untouched and is used as a great penultimate closer.

For the tracks from ‘Plunge’ they naturally have less of a transition as they already embody the energy. Only the title track, which is an instrumental, is missing from the live set. Karin’s vocals are pitch-perfect throughout. Personal favourite renditions come from ‘IDK About You’ which is just a giant party and ‘Red Trails’ which still feels layered and complex.

‘Live At Troxy’ is a great addition for fans, particularly for the six tracks from Fever Ray that transitioned over. It marks an interesting and exuberant period in Fever Ray’s music and whilst newcomers shouldn’t start here, it is a great live album.

Recommended track: I’m Not Done

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Fever Ray - Live At Troxy



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