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Trevor Something – Escape EP Review

Depressing vapor-synth anthems to zone out to

Artsy synthpop that veers into the vaporwave scene is how I’d best describe Trevor Something. His music feels deliberately broken, a little dangerous and a lot like you are in a dark alley. His latest EP ‘Escape’ continues this trend as he plays with chewed up basslines and drone vocals.

Trevor Something

‘Know It All’ opens the EP perfectly encompassing all of the above. It’s a glorious slow-motion synth-dirge. It takes everything you’d expect from a 2am dancefloor and pops it into an elevator. There is an element of low-fi 80’s production that’s been crushed into a cassette recording throughout. This is best shown in the far too short ‘Cigarette’ which could be a full track, not just a minute interlude. It primes you for the grimy ‘All Messed Up’ though. The bass here is so raspy against the retro drum tracks and darkwave vocals I’m reminded of two artists. The first is Fischerspooner from the electronica side, the second is Tom Vek from his debut album in terms of production style. Trevor Something is their baby and this is glorious. ‘Play Your Game’ then nails the cheesy emptiness of vaporwave by closing out the album with a casio keyboard style bossa nova drum loop and thick rubbery synth melodies. Even his voice is vocoded in his track to show how empty the entire personality of the song is.

I was so impressed with Trevor Something and the Escape EP that I grabbed his 2014 album ‘Synthetic Love’ immediately and will be diving back for his other album after payday. The synth work is sublime, the empty vocals are dark and the vaporwave edge is so depressing – it all slots together like a broken down party. Easily one of my favourite discoveries of 2019 and a must-have for depressing electronica lovers.

Recommended track: All Messed Up

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Trevor Something - Escape EP



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