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Introducing… Arandel

Kraussical chiptunes

Hearing Bach’s music being interpreted by other musicians can produce some interesting results. Enter Arandel – a krautrock, chiptune, avant-garde electronica producer. For his new album ‘InBach’ he is interpreting classical music into harsh bleeps, synth voice sound banks and bizarre museum instrument pieces. The result is an unhinged explosion of sound that reminds me of LittleBigPlanet but on a drug drip.

‘Prelude No.2 in C Minor’ is the lead single and showcases the style perfectly. The album itself, due out on the 24th of January 2020, will also include 13 other pieces. They’ll be using Korg’s, Moog’s, Clavicords, Ondiolines and more rare instruments like Zach’s Cello, Mullers Expressive Organ and so on. I expect nothing short of barmy brilliance. Enjoy the single below. Arandel has the album available for preorder now.

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