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Introducing… Cate Ferris

Looping electronics and soulful melodies

Multi-instrumentalist Cate Ferris has utterly charmed me with her latest single ‘Contortula’. Cate plays and arranges all kinds of sounds and synths together to create a one-woman musical blender that will appeal to many types of music lovers. You can enjoy her from a technical looping standpoint like your Juana Molina’s and Tune-Yards or you can enjoy her from an electronic singer-songwriter standpoint like Hannah Peel. It is the mixture of technology and well crafted soulful melodies that pulled me in.

‘Contortula’ is the latest single from Cate Ferris whose website simply saying ‘new and amazing things are happening’. Whether that is an EP or LP I’m not certain but you can enjoy the single below.

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