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Introducing… Jennifer Touch

80's synths for the witching hour

Ever wondered what a 4AD styled take on 80’s disco would sound like? Enter Jennifer Touch. Her style of vintage synths and industrial soundscapes are dark and brooding. Jennifer brings her post-punk vocals to the party too and so things feel angry, aggressive and tangibly dangerous. It’s the kind of danger you could dance to though – possibly as a baddie in a Dark Crystal sequel…

Jennifer Touch was raised in Berlin and you can hear that European chill in her synth design. Her debut album ‘Behind the Wall’ is coming out 24th of April and her new single ‘Chemistry (2020)’ is an absolute classic. It is a longer edit of its previous release last year and I’ve had it on repeat over the weekend. I will be grabbing the album for review on release. Enjoy ‘Chemistry’ below – it is out now.

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