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Introducing… Significant Other

Significantly vulnerable singer/songwriter vibes

Montreal native Michael Wexler has embarked on his first solo music project after five years in hibernation. The new project, titled ‘Significant Other’, focuses on a vulnerable singer/songwriter vibes that the straddle folk, pop, rock and indie intersection. There is a hint of early Gregory Douglass and Greg Laswell to his work as the piano and guitar intertwine perfectly on his new single ‘Downtime’. Michael last created music five years ago under the name Inlet Sound.

‘Downtime’ is the first offering from the forthcoming release ‘Kimberlite’ and the songs revolve around how the brain over-analyses absolutely everything past and present whilst also craving serotonin. Mental health has become an on-trend topic to talk about in music so it needs to be done right. Michael delivers his words with utter conviction and the music is spot on. Significant Other looks like he is going to have a very significant 2020. The single is great, it is out now and is available to listen to below. ‘Kimberlite’ will be coming later this year.

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