Higher Plain Music is Back Online!

Hello everyone! After 3 weeks without a PC and feeling like I’ve lost a limb, I am back online. Literally the first thing I’ve done is power up my new PC and pop on here to say hello. I may be a bit patchy for a couple of days as I get everything I need installed over the weekend but Higher Plain Music is back in business.

The organised world is having somewhat of a meltdown and sadly I’m self-isolating with a deeply annoying cough and fever. Fortunately, I’m able to work from home so I’m counting myself lucky should this be the dreaded Corvid-19. If it is not, I’ve got a chest infection or something similar. It shouldn’t impact anything here though.

To make up for the downtime, I plan to have a new post every 12 hours (twice a day) throughout all of April. I’ll only be posting, as always, about music that I really connect with so hopefully this site can be a little bit of escapism for you to find and discover new awesome music.

Lastly, tomorrow on the 20th March, Bandcamp is waiving all of its processing fees for all music purchased on that day. It is a fantastic gesture and as the music (and arts) world has to now adapt to a new world for the next few months, please consider supporting your local and smaller artists if they bring you some joy.

Thank you for your patience across this time, I’m surprised that the site still had hundreds of hits each day so that has buoyed me to make sure the return is stronger than ever. Cheers!

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