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Introducing… Dana Gavanski

Gently does it, into the darkness

Montreal based Dana Gavanski moulds together the lyrics and feeling of a break-up album along with gentle psych-rock vibes. She meshes together her warm vocal tones with guitar riffs that could be heavy rock anthems but have chosen to be laid back instead. There is a lot of psychedelic embellishments to the music too. Dana’s album is co-produced with Sam Gleeson and Mike Lindsay, the latter part of Tunng. Whilst this music is very different from Tunng, you can hear that bands penchant for weird sounds pours into Gavanski’s work.

‘Small Favours’ is the latest offering from Dana Gavanski and is taken from her forthcoming debut album ‘Yesterday is Gone’. It encapsulates everything I’ve described above and shows exactly what Dana is about as an artist. She calls the album ‘a reckoning with myself’ and I can imagine it’ll be a great one to mine. The album is due out on the 27th of March and judging from the previous singles, it follows a familiar feeling. I am personally really curious to hear how all these guitar riffs are kept quiet. You can enjoy the latest release ‘Small Favours’ below.

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