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Introducing… Gordi

Good Lord Gordi!

Gordi has been making some spectacular music for years now and her new single ‘Volcanic’ taps into the balance of two vibes that she brings to her music. On one hand, she often sounds calming with her electronic fused adult pop side. Then she’ll throw something in chilling or anxious or rageful. The piano is often there too, which readers will know is plus for me when an artist is going to spill all kinds of emotional guts into their music. I particularly love how the piano riff speeds up to double its original pace as the track ramps up for a tense eruption.

‘Volcanic’ has an interesting music video but also an interesting birth as a song. Originally recorded in Berlin 2018, it was then finished the following year with some additional radio broadcasts captured about bees. It all makes sense (he says) when you listen. Gordi has her new album coming out on the 26th of June. It is called ‘Our Two Skins’ and I am very much looking forward to it. You can enjoy the music video to the single below, which is out now.

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