Introducing… Gösta Berlings Saga

Prog Rock. Focused.

Swedish instrumentalists Gösta Berlings Saga are gearing up for their sixth studio album ‘Konkret Music’ by releasing the title track as their new single. They create an explosive mix of prog rock and whilst prog rock often means 10-minute meanderings, Gösta Berlings Saga decided this album was all about focused tracks. The songs follow a more traditional structure and rely on insane riffs, surges of power and drama and nods to psychedelia and dance music production. The result is prog rock that can appeal to all rock lovers.

I also found the music video for ‘Konkret Music’ funny too. A guy chooses the single for a karaoke night at a bar and proceeds to dance around playing air guitar on the stage for the entire video. Gösta Berlings Saga releases the album on the 24th of July and you can enjoy the video to the single below. Pre-orders are up already.

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