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Rinnovare – Aperturia Review

Sounds like…

Low-fi Nostalgia as a genre.

The review

Rinnovare is the classical and ambient composer Matteo Neufield and after releasing his first album last year, he returns with this nostalgic feeling ambient/classical hybrid. Merging together the acoustic and the ambient and encompassing rich strings in his work, Rinnovare is a master at creating chill out ethereal sounds.


‘Aperturia’ is a four track EP that for me, evokes a feeling of nostalgia. Across the tracks, there are brushed drums, hazy synths, electric piano that has been fuzzed out and slightly detuned and rich sumptuous string arrangements that elevate all the synth work to another level. So much of the synth work has a trickling smudge to it that tracks such as ‘Entering, Unseen’ and ‘Children of Light’ are even better because space is given to feel and enjoy that smudge. When the pianos are twisted to sounding like chilled music boxes, it feels dreamy and ethereal too.

The earlier tracks ‘Fluor’ and ‘Sunlit Prayer’ work with these moods but are more band focused and lean slightly more towards contemporary classical sounds because the strings are so vibrant in the mix. Everything is airy, contemplative, kind and caressing and I find this music inherently whimsical, dreamy and nostalgic. I’m sure there is an Instagram filter that would describe this sound in a word but its fading into white wispy clouds and you feel like your floating.

Rinnovare is a titan of his craft. It is so difficult to get the balance right between ambience and classical and satisfy both genres. With ‘Aperturia’, Rinnovare does this with aplomb and it is truly a hidden gem that I hope many of you reading will actively go and discover. A stunning EP.

Recommended track: Sunlit Prayer

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Rinnovare - Aperturia



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