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Introducing… Trash Heads

A better soundtrack to a future American Pie spin off.

British Alt-Rock band Trash Heads feel like a really fun mash-up of several elements of my favourite bands of the ’90s. They mix up messy riffs ala early Nirvana, vocals that sound eerily similar to Green Day at times and big chords from the poppier side of Stone Temple Pilots. It is a strange mix that makes them feel grungy retro but also like they could be in an American Pie movie too. None of these things are bad of course, Higher Plain Music loves grungy rock and Trash Heads make this melting pot work beautifully.

Their new single ‘Set it Right’ showcases all of the above talent and acts as a great entry point for the band. They are preparing for their new album ‘Vandalism’ – currently scheduled for later this year. It comes six years after their debut and feels a much more pointed vision of the band, which had a punkier element early on.

Enjoy ‘Set it Right’ below. You can find out more about Trash Heads on their website.

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