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This Is The Kit – Off Off Oddities Review

Alternative takes from a fantastic album.

Sounds like…

Breezy folk, now with extra French and horns.

The review

I thoroughly loved This Is The Kit’s 2020 album ‘Off Off On’. It is a fine collection of breezy folk ditties that kick ass and 1-2 punch in soft and unassuming ways. It also continued Kate Stables’ slow journey towards a rockier sound from her ukulele folk origins. This seven track EP is a selection of reworks from the original and a b-side. Essential? No. It is a lovely bonus for fans though.

This Is The Kit
This Is The Kit

The releases highlight is ‘Recommencer’, a French rework of ‘Started Again’ with extra support from Mina Tindle. This version removes all the drums and gives you a guitar and vocal cascade of sound. ‘Was Magician’ gets a full-bodied live version which adds in some amped bass and brass. Indeed brass is the big inclusion throughout here with ‘Slider’ having a saxophone led instrumental version. Thankfully it is stylish not cheesy. ‘Found Out (Horns Version)’ has no prizes for guessing its twist. These versions are all a bit more experimental and brassier but subtly different enough to merit their own versions. The token new non-album track ‘Bad Feeling’ is a short outro but wasn’t the main draw for me personally.

A lovely reminder of alternative versions, a live cut and a French tonged should help tide This Is The Kit fans over until a future release. I would recommend newbies to start with ‘Off Off On’ personally rather than this. You’ll appreciate the step-change more that way.

Recommended track: Recommencer

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This Is The Kit - Off Off Oddities



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