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Introducing… Emily Magpie

Channelling protest energy into song.

Emily Magpie is usually an artist that spends most of her time creating dream pop but her new single has taken a fascinating turn into a more experimental phase. For her new single “ReFocus”, the Bristol-based Emily has chosen to channel the energy of local BLM and Kill the Bill protests into a pulsating electronica firecracker. It features found sound of the chants from the movements and integrates them with a ground swell of bass, beats and trumpet horns that spiral into an energetic war cry for change. It is the second single of this new direction for Emily Magpie as she explores found sound and moody electronics. Whilst her previous music has always had a darker side, this feels more primal in its power.

Speaking about “ReFocus”, Emily said “I remember the energy of the call and response in the crowd, how a new chant would spark and spread and build and build and the feeling of it growing in that moment and knowing it was growing globally was incredible. There was a feeling of change and anger and possibility and I thought how vital that energy is. How vital protest is for democracy.”

“ReFocus” the single is out now and you can listen to it below. It is taken from Emily Magpie’s forthcoming EP “When The Space Between Was So Much Less” which is due for release on the 12th of August. For more on Emily Magpie, follow her on Instagram.

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