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Introducing… Danny Kuttner

Soulful R&B and contemporary jazz songs about love and self care.

Sitting somewhere between smooth contemporary jazz and 90’s neo-soul is Danny Kuttner. Her voice is angelic and clean in a way that means she doesn’t need to push her voice too hard to make a big impression. Danny also ensures she keeps her voice crystal clear in the mix too by adding electric piano, trumpets and subtle electronic synths and beats to create a timeless quality to her music. Based in Tel Aviv, Kuttner wrote her new single ‘Chasing Myself’ as a song to talk about the importance of having time to nurture yourself when being in a loving relationship. Writing and producing her own material, it’s clear Danny Kuttner has some mega talent.

Now with two singles out, Danny Kuttner has announced her debut EP ‘Purple’ which will be released on 23rd March. I’m expecting more of the same crystal clear soulful R&B infused melodies with hints of jazz and synthwork hiding in the background. Enjoy the music video for ‘Chasing Myself’ below, the single is out now. You can pre-order ‘Purple’ over on Bandcamp and follow Danny over there for the latest release updates.

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