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This Is The Kit returns with new single and album coming June

Skittish indie folk band are back and this time they've bought a first aid kit!

This Is The Kit, the band moniker for Kate Stables, is back with her brand of skittish and off-kilter hippy folk. It’s been a pleasure to be along for her journey as she moves from a grassroots folk style to something that awkwardly straddles many sub-genres of folk and rock. It’s defined her as a unique voice in the alt-folk world and her new album ‘Careful of Your Keepers’ looks like this journey will continue. Kate says the album was recorded last December with Gruff Rhys, a Welsh musician many may know from the band Super Furry Animals.

‘Inside Outside’ is the lead single and appears to deal with being brave and making conscious decisions. This track grows over time as scattered rhythms and riffs shuffle around, initially feeling a bit discombobulated before coming together in a rolling unison for the closing third. I often find This Is The Kit music takes a few listens to really gel and groove with, prioritising a long tail of listener satisfaction over initial instant gratification from a melody. It seems this album will follow that idea too.

Enjoy the video for ‘Inside Outside’ below, made by Hannah Owen. The single is out now. Pre-orders for the album ‘Careful of Your Keeper’ are out with promotional plasters on Music Glue. Clearly, this is a clean your wounds and patch yourself up album! This Is The Kit is also touring across Europe from September to November in promotion of the album and ticket sales are available on their website.

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