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Introducing… Laura Misch

Emotional, esoteric pop songstress sings of life, death and Mother Nature.

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Laura Misch has taken inspiration from the natural world for her forthcoming debut album coming out later this year. Since signing for One Little Independent Records, Laura has moved away from creating in isolation to bringing in guest musicians, artists, painters, florists and all kinds of creators to help support her vision. Each instrument is inspired by nature. Saxophones evoke winds, the electronics are programmed to match patterns found inside nature’s own patterns and the vocals are warm and motherly like the idea of Gaia herself. All of this combines to create thoughtful, emotional and esoteric pop. Laura Misch has also been recording outside too, using a saxophone loop rig to record riffs and layer them up. Along with NYX and Matthew Rosier, they recorded improvisations in Epping Forest, which is my neck of the woods! I’d have joined in with a hand pan if I’d known!

Laura’s lead single ‘Portals’ conveys a profound moment in her life.

During lockdown I was living with my family and grandparents. My granddad, who was 94, got really ill and passed away at home in his bed, surrounded by my mum, gran and me. We were all looking after him, and it was a period of time where the world was in chaos and the care felt intensified, but also it was a real honour to be able to be there and give that much attention to this process. It was a very organic death. The moment he left his body it was like he went from being there to being everywhere. That’s what this song is about, on some level it’s about a portal into the unknown. He was such a green-fingered person and believed so much in returning to the earth, and the interconnectedness of everything, and that we’re made up of elements that will one day become everything else.”

Laura Misch

Alongside this, the music video is beautifully artistic – full of flowers, nature, mirrors and dance and tapestries. Enjoy the music video for ‘Portals’ below, the single is out now. It comes from Laura Misch’s forthcoming album ‘Sample The Sky’ which is due to release on the 13th of October. For more information on all things Laura Misch, follow her on Bandcamp.

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