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Benedikt – “Soma” Review

A truly creepy downtempo artist

Berlin based atmospheric avante garde muse Benedikt released his first EP this week – although it’s not available to purchase just yet, the four tracks are available to stream in full over on Soundcloud.

“Vikings” opens things in haunting fashion. A warped kick drum pulses like a heartbeat whilst discordant floaty lyrics seem to sing an almost entirely different track. When the track melts into a Lisa Gerrard like haunted swirl of keyboards, it really shines but it’s the juxtaposition of something feeling enlightening yet scary that is utterly mesmerising. “I’m Yours” is more percussive with wooden brick hits and a regular beat. Benedikt himself though has no desire to stay in time or in direct tune as he uses his voice to create an alluring collage of moans, lyrics and emotive statements that push you towards something without taking you all the way. “TV Screen” switches the downtempo ambient for a lonely piano for a ballad that evokes thoughts of Patrick Wolf in many ways. Benedikt’s voice is low, hushed and weary and even though he sings words of love and embrace – the entire mood and oppressive nature of the entire track is creepy and unnerving. “Rearranging” is the only track that feels bright in any way shape or form. The cute percussive loops, the rubbery synths that create the main melody remind me of the kind of music you’d find in Proteus or Fez – but Benedikt’s vocal delivery still gives that’s down the mood vibe.

“Soma” is artistic and almost an anti record in many ways. I love the meshing of ambience, misery and singer/songwriter electro pop elements. It’s short, at under 13 minutes – but it’s one of those EP’s I’ll be having on repeat in the dark for a very long time to come.

Recommended Track: Vikings

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