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Nadine Khouri – A New Dawn Review

Khouri Can

British-Lebanese singer/songwriter Nadine Khouri has been gathering momentum with her sultry but delicate atmospheric folk music and with her new EP “A New Dawn” she continues to show her songwriting craft and ability to create a quiet hope within.

Nadine Khouri

Although the EP is just three tracks long, each one is a sprawling acoustic ballad. The title track and its follow up “To Sleep” are both utterly gorgeous. They have a hazy uplifting undertow to them with the soft synths, acoustic guitars and string arrangements. “A New Dawn” is underpinned with a simple harmonium buzz that gives it a real folk feel, whilst “To Sleep” uses the interplay between the harmonium, the guitar and echoing piano to give a pristine but dreamlike experience. Its lushness is emphasised by how smooth Nadine’s voice is throughout. She never pushes her voice forward, instead, she is drawing you in with its quiet intensity. The final track is the eight-minute epic “The Hours” which starts off with bluesy electric guitar, piano and strings similar to the other two tracks but grows into a full rocking finale similar to something This Is The Kit would do. It’s a little bit of gypsy rock thrown into the mix that suits Nadine Khori’s voice well as she builds up power for the big finale.

“A New Dawn” is a great place to start as a new listener. I’ve since started to dive into Nadine Khouri’s back catalogue and am suitably impressed. If you’re looking for someone who likes to play out folk music with silky smooth tendrils of enchantment – Khouri’s got you covered.

Recommended track: To Sleep

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Nadine Khouri - A New Dawn


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