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Katie Mullins – Three Songs Review

Vocal Folk Perfection

Katie Mullens returns to music after a period of time away healing her voice that had been injured for the third time! Indeed, three is a bit of a theme here. Three injuries, three songs on the way to a third album. “Three Songs” is a brief but fantastic re-introduction to a minimalist folk singer and song weaver who is at the top of her game, taking simple instrumentation and turning tracks into lush arrangements.

Katie Mullins

“Crocuses” is utterly beautiful and bewitching. The entire track is vocal only but moves from a witchy dual-layered hum into a rich choir of Katie’s voice, building up into a sirens melody that rises and soars with strength and beauty. It’s easily one of my favourite songs of 2018. “What’s The Sense” is a short vocal and clap track where the hands build a looped jig to let Katie sing over. It reminds me of the equally serene Linda Perhacs. Closing out things is “The Water” which returns to the layered vocal approach that reminds me of Aboriginal folk bands like Tiddas where strong women tell tales of myth and moral. Across the track, a synth and shovel percussive sound bleed in followed by piano and guitar turning a mystical track into a rich angelic one. It’s subtle but clever.

Currently, Katie Mullins plans to release her next full-length album in 2019 and by the strength of this short but spectacular release I’ll be snapping it up on release. This is mystical minimalist folk music made perfect. Sublime.

Recommended track: Crocuses

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Katie Mullins - Three Songs


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