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Video Vault – Cosmo Sheldrake

Cosmo Sheldrake’s music video for his new single “Pilocene” sees him take off and play the track live in a hot air balloon. Following in the footsteps of Manu Delago’s “let us make music is crazy places in the world” philosophy, the video follows him on what appears to be a giant balloon race in Barcelona, Spain. Even better is the rhythmic percussion that sounds like it’s taken directly from the hot air balloon gas tanks. It’s beautiful and lovely – it needs to be seen.

“Pilocene” comes from the debut album “The Much Much How How and I”  which came out earlier this year. Watch the video below and see Cosmo Sheldrake quietly freak out when the balloon hits solid ground again! I’d be grabbing all my music kit as if my life depended on it too! Cosmo is currently on a European tour too.

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