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Introducing… Thylacine

Take a trip to the Andes with Thylacine

Thylacine, the name producer and composer William Reze records by, is a fan of a concept album. His debut album was recorded on a cross country train in Russia. His follow up was recorded in Argentina but this time he stopped off in the wilderness to collect stories and ideas for his electronic world fusion music first. The result is set to be an expansive, dynamic and epic sounding album entitled ‘Roads Vol.1‘.


While a personal all-time favourite musician of mine, Juana Molina, will guest vocal on the album, the lead single ‘Santa Barabara’ futures Julia Minkin on vocals alongside beautiful folk guitar, dramatic brass and huge drums. The video is a travelog and adds to the mystique and intrigue.

‘Roads Vol.1’ is out next month, enjoy ‘Santa Barbara’ on the following link: https://youtu.be/-V_itiVJtNE (sadly the embedding of the video has been turned off).

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