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Introducing… Tristan

Belgium has a rising talent

Tristan, is the alter ego of 23-year-old Belgian vocalist, composer and producer, Isolde Van den Bulcke. Her music seems to fit one part Bat For Lashes, one part Kate Bush, one part Ionnalee and a splash of cosmic jazz-pop. If you’re thinking what the hell does sound like then – you’ll be in for a treat. Tristan has released a track from her forthcoming EP to whet your appetite.

The track is called ‘Maljaande’ and it fuses together all those elements I mentioned with a catchy chorus, lush vocal synths and a spacious ambient outro. It will be part of Tristan’s new EP ‘Delidomia‘ which is due for release on the 8th of March. Until then, enjoy the unusual art-pop anthem below.

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