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MARBL – The Flight of the Hawks Review

Dreamy folk for the afternoon drive

German dream folk/pop songwriter MARBL has said her new EP ‘The Flight of the Hawks’ was inspired by poetry and literary references. That notion of poetry in motion and indeed in flight is one that carries across onto this beautiful EP. Each track is grounded, gorgeous and full of spirit.

‘Lay Your Head Upon My Chest’ has a soupy sway in its brushed percussion and warm guitars that allow MARBL to ladle her hushed voice over. It’s the very definition of a soft landing. In contrast, ‘I Saw Your On The Street’ is quietly euphoric. It’s country undertones are underscored with MARBL’s accent which takes a northern American twang. Add to that fingerpicked guitars and woodblock percussion and you have a whimsical but uplifting track.


MARBL intrigues me though as on one hand we have this country folk, on the other we have ‘The Mechanism of All Temporary Things’. The track is smooth trip-hop with grooves, bluesy keys and smokey vocals. Her voice reminds me a jazzier Lauren Hoffman. ‘I’m Calling You’ then opts for an easy listening pop rock vibe. Its catchy chorus is radio friendly with a great finale when the guitars, organs and brass surge in. ‘You’re On My Mind’ closes out the EP with a light skipping airy piece. The music runs at pace but the vocals are slow and breezy making it the perfect track for any faded Instagram filter.

I really like the diversity of MARBL’s dream folk. When she wants to, she can really make something layered and well produced but then she’s equally happy with a strong melody on its own. Melting all these versions of her together will really cement what MARBL’s sound is all about but in the meantime, this is a fine EP.

Recommended track: You’re On My Mind

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MARBL - The Flight of the Hawks



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