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Introducing… Calista Kazuko

When cinematic lounge music packs a rockers punch

The first release from Calista Kazuko’s forthcoming album ‘Empress’ is really tricky to classify. ‘Come to Mama’ has a hint of early Goldfrapp perhaps as sultry cinematic lounge electronica swirls around you. Calista Kazuko has a powerful and clean voice that powers over the track but there’s also a quirky off-kilter edge to the whole thing I love. The single reminds me of The Jungle Book’s ‘Trust In Me’ and the excellent music video backs that up.

Calista herself says she is very interested in how women in history have been sexualised and wonders if that’s because it is the men who have written history previously. Enjoy the single below and if this floats your boat, I’ve been going through her back catalogue and her track ‘Daddy Issues’ is also superb.

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