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Introducing… VANBUR

Cinematic dream pop to haunt you

More known as composers for film and TV, VANBUR are Jessica Jones and Tim Morrish. Taking Jessica’s ethereal vocals and layering them to be soft and haunting over a cinematic and contemporary dream-pop soundtrack is inspired. The duo strikes an unusual balance between traditional pop song standards and something that you’d still find scoring a dramatic moment on screen.

‘Human’ is the lead promotional single from their forthcoming EP of the same name. The EP comes out on the 17th of January and I expect to be one of the first big hitters for me in 2020 to pick up. I usually spend December trying to cram in reviews of excellent music I hadn’t yet shouted about but this track is just too good to not share now. Enjoy ‘Humans’ from VANBUR below. A great way to round off the Introducing… section of Higher Plain Music for 2019.

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  1. Does VanBur have a website? Would love to know more about them, professionally. Compositional process? Full written scores or improvisational composition,? Only synths/software instruments used? Acoustic instruments placed alongside electronica? A lot of sampling, as opposed to or combining ‘traditional notational’ scoring with samples? Any direction you might guide me so I might get to their world etc would be greatly appreciated. I’m having a difficult time finding anything more than a paragraph or 2 or a youtube video etc etc.

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