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Alienbaby Collective – Fishbowl/Terrestrial Review


Sounds like…

A grungy noise band who forgot to get a vocalist

The review

Dutch noise rock band Alienbaby Collective drew me in with their raucous guitars and general chaos with their initial single ‘Degenerate Moon’. It promised angry guitars, slattered vocals and a mash up of noise, grunge, anarchy and chaos. Then I dived into the double EP release and found that actually Alienbaby Collective is all of this… and none of what I expected at the same time…

Alienbaby Collective

When a band decides to lead primarily with instrumental noise tracks, the song and instrumentation is structured in a way to make sure that instruments carry the tone, mood and lead melody where appropriate. The problem across the first ten or so of the tracks on this double EP is that there are almost no vocals but it doesn’t feel like the absence has been covered up. Early tracks rely on noise and garbled electric buzzes and guitar feedback to feel chaotic but then the music moves towards a more rock song structure. Still the vocals are missing and chords, the odd riff and a few big bangs occur. It feels strange to say but I was ending up singing my own vocal melodies over the top of the music to fill the void.

The issue is then made all the more clearer when vocals do suddenly join in for the final third of the song collection. Brooding darkwave anthem ‘yrlvsntmn’ oozes so much more passion and emptiness with vocals, as does the crazed ‘DREAD’. Suddenly everything Alienbaby Collective does clicks together for me. The vocals remind me a little of Ladytron in a way – they are cold and robotic in a spoken disgust. It works perfectly here – I just wanted more of them.

That aside, noise rockers will enjoy what is here. It is just that I personally clicked with the songs with vocals on. The exception to the rule is the stunning ‘terrestrial’ which is violently abrasive. I’d recommend checking out a couple of samples first before diving in but there is definitely the makings of something of a cult collective here in the long term.

Recommended track: terrestrial

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Alienbaby Collective



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