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Introducing… Here Lies Man

Here Lies Good Music

There are a few things I really clicked with when I read about Here Lies Man, an LA based rock band that enjoys using ancient rhythms to provide a ritualistic background to their guitars. The first was their description – ‘If Black Sabbath played Afrobeat’. When you hear their new single ‘Collector of Vanities’ from their upcoming fourth album ‘Ritual Divination’ it’ll make total sense. The second thing Here Lies Man does is create their albums as soundtracks to imaginary films. They craft the overall film narrative and then create each song as a scene for that imaginary movie. I thought it was a really good way to look at a concept album through a slightly different lens.

‘Collector of Vanities’ is a pure psych-rock explosion of guitars, rhythms and vocal stabs. It reminded me a little of what initially drew me to Temples but its roots are indeed much further back into the 60’s and 70’s era of melodic rock. Here Lies Man has been going for a while but their fourth album is their first album as a true four-piece band with a bassist and keyboardist. Let’s hope it is a great kick start. Their new album ‘Ritual Divination’ is due out on the 22nd of January. Enjoy the single below.

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