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Hunter Ellis – Face Tapes Review

Making post-rock with half the folk band

Sounds like…

Someone made post rock with the folk band in the bar.

The review

Specialising in swirling guitar led post rock that dabbles with violins, electric pianos, mandolin and dulcimer, Hunter Ellis may be best described as post-folk. Whilst the rock element is definitely there, as is a fair bit psych too, what makes Hunter Ellis stand out are all the folksy instruments strewn around the mix.

Opening track ‘The Art of Perspective’ is a great example as guitars gently noodle away with all those folk elements embellishing it. Then after a few minutes of that, the guitars explode into a post-rock rage. Firstly, a guest female vocalist joins in to soothe the sound but soon the music moves up a gear to pull the more visceral side of post-rock into focus. It is a stunning way to introduce you to Hunter Ellis’ world.

Hunter Ellis

It isn’t just post-rock that ‘Face Tapes’ does though. ‘Hard to Say’ is a hazy ballad of acoustic guitar and quirky percussive synths that slowly detune as Hunter sings like a soft and disenchanted indie veteran. Doubled up with minor chord happy ‘3D Pacman’, they both make fine acoustic numbers. Elsewhere ‘Finders Keepers’ plays around with a tense mix of wild west and desert horror vibes for an unusual atmospheric piece.

For me, the gold is where both sides of the post-rock and the more indie-folk side of Hunter Ellis collide. New single ‘Be There Now’ merges both sides together in a beautiful blender. It starts off sounding like a safe space for indie-folk crooners and by the two-minute mark, you are in a tornado of guitars and drums bubbling up to a musical takedown. It feels so effortless and cohesive too, which is a feat in itself.

Beautifully sad and awkwardly aggressive in equal measure, this is a hidden gem for you to discover. Get in early, this will be one that will rise through word of mouth. Post-folk is now a thing, I’m sure of it. Thanks Hunter Ellis.

Recommended track: Be Here Now

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Hunter Ellis - Face Tapes



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