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Young Summer – “Fever Dream EP” Review

Young Summer
Young Summer

Young Summer is a new electronic synth based singer/songwriter whom crafts some more left of the middle dream pop tunes. Her début EP “Fever Dream” is a fantastic introduction to her music which we wholeheartedly give a thumbs up on HPM!

“Fever Dream” opens the EP with a thumbing heat beat kick drum with a pulsating fuzzy bass line providing the undercurrent for more celestial keyboard synths. Young Summer’s vocals are silky smooth like chocolate and are beautifully multi-layered so she sounds like a collage of herself in verses and then punches through the chorus with a more dynamic catchy vocal riff. It’s instantly catchy without resorting to cheese – the perfect combo for dream pop. “The Waves That Rolled You Under” begins really understated with rolling synth arpeggios sonically projecting the waves sung about before luscious guitars and heavily panned vocal collages take over the chorus, The production on the EP is good enough to eat. There’s something about this specific track that makes me think Electro-Enya!

“Letter Never Sent” features a more sombre mood with echoing piano notes and a guest male vocalist Trent Dabbs whom sounds like Alex Wong with his soft thin vocal sound. It’s the moody track on the EP which is followed by the more whimsy free-waving “Half the Time” which incorporates a long of acoustic guitar and muffled drums which have all been softened so it feels like a combing of strings and cymbals with little impact at all. The result is a track that feels very laid back and cosy. “Close To Home” then rounds things off with a simple piano led ballad.

Young Summer has some catchy tunes and a fantastic production value. The combination of a strong vocal and a strong melody is a certain winner – Young Summer crosses the line in front. We want more!

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