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Introducing… Parabola West

Parabola West

Parabola West walks a really excellent line for me between baroque pop and electronica pop without it ever feeling cheesy or predictable. It’s quite a challenge to do when your fusing folk-like elements into your dance floor anthems. Currently residing in New Zealand, the musician and singer returns with her single “Calling Your Name” after two EP’s that has seen her explore different sides of the Folktronica scale. This is more of an ethereal pop track that borrows from elements of Celtic and Nordic folk and pops them onto the dance floor. West’s voice is one that could easily fit a dance floor as well as an acoustic guitar so I’m really intrigued to see where this new release takes her in the future. Before returning to music to enjoy a solo career, she had spent the previous 10 years in recruitment so perhaps reading all the tall tales people put in their CV’s has helped her imagine all the fantasy folk elements of her music!

Enjoy the single “Calling Your Name” below. It will be available to buy on 6th of December.

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