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Introducing… Daniel Thorne

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The saxophone. It’s an instrument I have continually struggle with over my lifetime with vary few musicians doing anything to move me with it. I have never heard a saxophone used in such an electronic and eclectic way as Daniel Thorne uses one though. This is a truly sensory experience.

Listening to ‘From Inside, Looking Out’, the lead track from his forthcoming debut album ‘Lines of Sight’, there is more in common with electronica artists such as Son Lux or Heinali than there is with a saxophone player. Daniel Thorne has limited his album to saxophone and various bass synths and lots of noise synth tech to create something emotional and Avant-garde. I am all in with this approach – it is superb.

Enjoy the seven minute odyssey that is ‘From Inside, Looking Out’ below. Daniel Thorne’s debut album is available for pre-order and is due out on the 15th of March.

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