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Introducing… Aisha Devi

Clubbing with shamen

If you took a shaman out clubbing for the night, Aisha Devi’s music would be close to what you’d get back. After her excellent 2018 album ‘DNA Feelings’, which I discovered right at the end of the year, Aisha Devi has returned with a new EP entitled ‘S.L.F.’ The lead track ‘I’m Not Always Where My Body Is’ is a mash up of club kick drums and ethereal dreamy synths. Devi’s vocals are warped and churned around to the point where she is barely unrecognisable.

‘S.L.F.’ is due for release on the 5th of June and I’ll be picking it up for my experimental needs. Enjoy the track ‘I’m Not Always Where My Body Is’ below.

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